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Why Paharpur 3P?

At Paharpur 3P, we strive to be a leader amongst flexible packaging companies in India and internationally. We constantly encourage our employees to challenge the status quo. With us, you are empowered to not just think of breakthrough ideas in flexible packaging, but also to bring them to life with the help of a team of qualified and experienced professionals from the flexible packaging industry.

Company and Culture

At Paharpur 3P, teamwork and continuous improvement are the foundation of our commitment to customer satisfaction. We are proud to have a culture of collaboration, transparency and leadership by example, which has resulted in a world class working environment for our employees with high levels of employee productivity and satisfaction.

We believe that our employees are our most important asset and the cornerstone for achieving high customer satisfaction levels. Paharpur 3P values and cherishes diversity and is committed to a culture free from all discrimination. At Paharpur 3P, you will get an opportunity to work with some of the best talent in the flexible packaging industry.